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The Hydram - part 3: Springs and pipes

With the pump back in its house (read about that in  part 2 ), next on the agenda was replacing the 50m of pipe which supplied the pump with water from the spring, and repairing the spring so that it actually had any water to supply to the pump. Once upon a time, the spring not only supported the operation of the pump, providing water to the old farmhouse, but it also grew watercress, and folks would come here specifically to collect some. Sadly, after years of neglect, the spring was in a sorry shape. In the picture below, the inner rectangle was the "supply tank" for the pump, and the outer wall formed the pool wherein the cress grew. Unfortunately, the outer wall has blown out and there was nothing stopping the spring water from running off. There's a hole in my bucket, dear 'Liza After a quick exploratory dig with the trenching shovel it became clear that we'd need to clear out  all  the earth out in order to see what we were dealing with. There's probably

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